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5 Ways Stay Strong When Society is Breaking

1. Find your people

Find your people Ways to Stay Strong When Society is Breaking

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If we’re going to remain strong in the face of all that confronts us, we can’t go it alone. Only by joining with others of like mind might we stand a chance. And to join with others, you have to find them.

Some already have their people thanks to strong community organizations, progressive faith communities, even groups of like-minded persons at work.

But many don’t have that. Millions of people who fear what’s happening in this country feel alone. COVID has only intensified that isolation.

We’re going to need to start building concentric circles of support.

Even if these begin as you and the person you bump into walking your dog every day, making that connection can help you feel less alone.

If you live in a neighborhood where you’ve noticed neighbors with Black Lives Matter signs, progressive bumper stickers, or campaign signs during the election, but you don’t know them, reach out and start a conversation.

These may have to be from a distance and maybe even virtual in pandemic times. But that’s OK.

Get their email addresses, connect over Zoom, and build up a neighborhood meeting space online where people can check in and support one another.

There is no reason every neighborhood couldn’t start a progressive alternative to Nextdoor — the often reactionary breeding ground where every post seems to be about the “scary homeless guy” or Black kid on a bike whom no one recognizes.

Or, if not an alternative to Nextdoor, make sure you’re getting on the actual one and pushing back against the fear-mongering there, using that space as a place to connect with like-minded folks about real solutions to community problems.

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