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5 Ways Stay Strong When Society is Breaking

4. Find and embrace some form of ritual

Find and embrace some form of ritual

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One of the things that sometimes hurts progressive folks is that, unlike conservatives who are likely to have “church families,” we are more likely to be secular. As such, we sometimes lack the ritual of communal time that a church service provides.

Although secular myself, when I have attended church or synagogue services with friends, family, or to give a speech, I have found a centering calm from the ritual.

Whether it’s the liturgy of the Episcopal or Catholic Church or prayers said in Hebrew (which I never did learn to speak despite eight years at Temple), something about it provides serenity for the people inside.

It has for me, even though I believe virtually none of what those in the pews do.

If there’s a progressive faith institution near you, go to a service even if you aren’t a member and don’t believe what the congregants believe theologically.

They’ll be glad to have you.

Or find other rituals to take part in, from exercise routines to neighborhood meetups to writing poetry to meditation to cooking with your kids — something, anything, to create a sense of consistency to life.

When everything around us seems chaotic, the predictability provided by ritual can keep us from feeling overwhelmed.

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