Rebecca De Mornay – 1959

Rebecca De Mornay Celebrities Who Found the Fountain of Youth

Rebecca De Mornay is an actress shot to fame with her role in the movie Risky Business. She made her debut in the year 1981 and has been an instant favorite for everyone since then. At the age of 60, she still looks as perfect as she did when she made her acting debut. While Rebecca announced her arrival in the industry with her portrayal of Lana in the 1983 film, Risky Business, that’s not the only movie in which she stole hearts.

She was in numerous movies including Sera in Runaway Train, Backdraft, The Hand that Rocks the Cradle, as well as The Trip to Bountiful. Her filmography also includes The Three Musketeers, Mother’s Day, and Never Talk to Strangers. Her disciplined lifestyle has surely been the key to helping her stay flawless. She has a current net worth of $11 million dollars and lives in Los Angeles.

Ruth Buzzi – 1936

Ruth Buzzi Celebrities Who Found the Fountain of Youth

Ruth Buzzi is popular for her role as Gladys Ormphby in the late 60s TV show Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In. She started off her career as the comedy duo of Dom DeLuise in a television series The Garry Moore Show in 1964. Since then, she has appeared in a variety of other shows. As young as 19 years old, Buzzi had started singing on the road during school breaks which goes to show how hard she persevered to get to the place where she is now.

Ruth traveled with singer Rudy Vallee, performing live music and comedy acts. She graduated from college with an Actors’ Equity Associate union card. She brought her musical talent to New York City after her graduation. From then on, her career just prospered. Now, she is still gorgeous at her age. Buzzi is now retired and living with her husband, Kent Perkins. She is still adored by her fans; even Elton John still calls her Gladys!

Pamela Anderson – 1967

Pamela Anderson Celebrities Who Found the Fountain of Youth

Pamela Anderson, the model, actress, and author, has fans across generations. And why not? She manages to look as scintillating in her 50s as she did at the time of her debut. We are sure there’s not one person in this world, who watched the Baywatch series that could say they didn’t fall in love with her.

Banking on this 90s show’s popularities, this damsel was soon on a signing spree and landed numerous projects. This includes Raw Justice, Borat, Snapdragon, Good Cop Bad Cop, and Scary Movie 3, to name a few. However, what came as a pleasant surprise for her fans was her 2017 movie Baywatch where she recreated the iconic red swimsuit run from the 1989 show!

If you wonder how she looks so perfect, we have the Canadian-American actress’s beauty secrets. She follows a strict vegan diet, practices Pilates, and walks her dogs every day. Besides that, she also sticks to natural products and lets the sun give her much-needed Vitamin D dose. We hope she stays the same, always!

Denise Richards – 1971

Denise Richards Celebrities Who Found the Fountain of Youth


Denise Richards, is an actress from the 90s who has a massive fanbase globally. But one look at her picture and you may find that hard to believe! The gorgeous beauty got countless movie roles because of her flawless acting. She featured in films such as The World is Not Enough, Drop Dead Gorgeous, Scary Movie 3.

The actress is always candid about her beauty routine. While it’s normal for celebrities to indulge in expensive treatments, Richards prefers to go natural. She has tried botox in the past, but she prefers to keep things natural and uses cosmetics like retinol, moisturizer, and a good sunscreen.

She sticks to a regular fitness regime, and includes Pilates and cardio dance to her daily routine! No wonder, she looks the way she does because of her commitment to fitness and a healthy lifestyle.

Lynn Herring – 1958

Lynn Herring

Lynn Herring has turned 62 last September. She still looks as mesmerizing as ever. And it shows that she has great control over her life, looks, and age! Sources suggest that Herring prefers to go all-natural. So, we can say for sure that her skin is free from artificial products and surgery.

Herring has rightly captured the essence of one of the greatest characters of American serial General Hospital,librarian Lucy Coe. Her portrayal of the character made her a popular face in daytime television and she won one Soap Opera Digest Award and a nomination for Daytime Emmy Award.

Her list of other TV works includes L.A. Law, Days of Our Lives, As the World Turns, etc. She tied the knot with her co-actor from Days of Our Lives, Wayne Northrop, and together the couple has two sons.

Courteney Cox – 1964

Courteney Cox Celebrities Who Found the Fountain of Youth

You may recognize this gorgeous dark-haired actress in a Bruce Springsteen video in the eighties and more famously as Monica Gellar, in Friends. Courteney Cox has been entertaining us with her trademark charm and beauty for ages.

While she has been in Hollywood acing her game for so long, she has successfully added a lot of money to her bank account, getting several fans’ attention. Cox has been part of a show titled Cougar Town, where she plays a fit and glamorous woman in her fifties. The ageless wonder depends on spinning, kickboxing, circuit training to keep her fighting fit.

She has tried various procedures such as non-invasive skin treatment methods such as fillers to iron out the fine lines, but now she has decided to go au natural and embrace aging naturally.

Nancy McKeon – 1966

Nancy McKeon


Nancy McKeon was only eleven when the entertainment industry beckoned. Still, the breakthrough role that made everyone take notice of her talent is by playing the character  Jo Polniaczek in the television show, The Facts of Life.

After her major break, she went on to star in many movies, but unfortunately, she did not reach the zenith of success she would have liked to. McKeon is greatly successful as an actress and has made sure she is financially secure.

Nancy is now in her fifties. However, if you look at her image,  she does not look at fifty-four years of age! She has a natural glow in her face, and that’s something you need to see to believe! We want to know what keeps her looking so beautifully glowing at her age? We sure would want to know.

Eva Mendes – 1974

Eva Mendes

Guess the age of the woman staring back at you, well, that’s Eva Mendes, and she seems not a day over twenty-six, right?  Well, she is forty-six! She is a stunning example of turning the clock back on time. This Latina actress’s partner is the talented Ryan Gosling. They have been together for more than six years now and are still very much in love with her.

Not only was she one of the most stunning models ever, but her performances have also kept us riveted to our screens. You can spot her in films such as including We Own the Night, The Other Guys, 2 Fast 2 Furious, and Girl in Progress, and many more.

In a recent interview, she shared some of her beauty hacks, and she revealed that she relies on good skincare rather than on makeup. This is what keeps her skin looking glowing and beautiful. Also, she never skips her workouts and workout at least thrice a week. No wonder it keeps her fit and healthy and looks years younger than her current age. Here’s to the ageless beauty whom we adore completely.

Meg Ryan – 1961

Meg Ryan

The Sleepless in Seattle actress stole our sleep with her pretty face! Hers was the face that came to our minds whenever we thought of meet-cute films. Her list of romantic comedies included, When Harry Met Sally, Sleepless in Seattle, You’ve Got Mail, French Kiss, Kate & Leopold.

She began her career in the film industry started in 1981, and she continued to work in the industry for more than the last four decades. Her earnings have been nothing short of amazing, enough to keep all her financial issues at bay.

Although roles dry up for older actresses in Hollywood, Meg Ryan wanted to bring about a change in that perception. Meg was one of the most adored actresses in Hollywood, and she was part of the 50 most beautiful people in the world. Even if she is 58 now, she continues to mesmerize us with her stunning and graceful looks.

Andie MacDowell – 1958

Andie MacDowell


Andie MacDowell has certainly mastered the art of aging like fine wine. Her career jumpstarted with the film Greystroke: The Legend of the Tarzan, Lord of the Apes in 1984, and other box-office winners such as Four Weddings and a Funeral, Green Card, Multiplicity, Love After Love.

She also went on to model for the international fashion house, Calvin Klein Inc., and her association with L’Oreal has been for thirty long years. Working for so many years in the Hollywood industry has helped her add a considerable amount to her bank.

But what makes the sixty-year-old actress look so good? Is it good genes, a healthy lifestyle, or some secret beauty treatment? Well, that is what gives you a flawless and glowing complexion. Well, we are still wondering. We have much to learn from her, right from her acting skills to her beauty secrets.

Angelina Jolie – 1975

Angelina Jolie

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Angelina Jolie is one of the most beautiful actresses around. We still find it hard to believe that she is now forty-five-years-old! Angelina’s career started in the early nineties, and since then, it has simply sky-rocketed.

Today, she is not only a great actress but also a philanthropist and a loving and caring mother. She has gone onto win many awards and accolades for her acting chops over the years. Angelina’s career is strewn over with amazing performances in films like Salt. In the Land of Blood and Honey, First They Killed My Father, and Mr.& Mrs. Smith.

She is one actress that keeps the cash registers ringing in the box-office since the start of her acting career. Therefore impressive bank account balance is not surprising at all. She is focusing on philanthropy now, and her career has taken a back seat.

Jodie Foster – 1962

Jodie Foster

Jodie Foster, the famous actress, director, and producer, has been working since she was three years old. She not only added the feather in her cap by winning  Academy and Golden Globe awards for her breakthrough role in the film Silence of the Lambs, but she also went on to round off her education by passing from Yale with a major in literature. At the same time, she continued to work in Hollywood, now that’s the sign of a true achiever.

After retiring as an actress, she pursued a career as a director. And the world saw her skills as a director with the TV show Orange Is the New Black.

The Beaver starring stars like Mel Gibson, Jennifer Lawrence, Anton Yelchin, and herself, brought out the greatness of Foster as a director. Her other successful directorial venture was Money Monster, which featured Julia Roberts and George Clooney. Success agrees with Foster! Also, she is still such a beauty!