Celebrities Who Found the Fountain of Youth

Celebrities Who Found the Fountain of Youth

Celebrities Who Found the Fountain of Youth we’ve downed our fair share of liquefied kale, bathed in vats of coconut oil and never leave home on a sunny day without our V. Stiviano visor. Yet our skin still doesn’t quite compare with Reese Witherspoon’s baby’s-bottom glow. From Kerry Washington to Jared Leto and Elizabeth Hurley to Rob Lowe, we can’t help but wonder if a Death Becomes Her secret potion truly exists. See for yourself as time stands still for these 14 celebrities who defy the laws of aging.

Hollywood’s Ageless Beauties

Jami Gertz – 1965

Jami Gertz

The lovely Jami Gertz is a talented American actress who is a familiar face in the entertainment business ever since her childhood years after she was discovered by a popular agent of the 70s and 80s called Norman Lear. Gertz has wowed audiences since then, with her appearance in The Facts of Life, among other films.

Jami was born in 1965 in Chicago and furthered her education at NYU, gaining the attention of the public after her stint with Robert Downey Jr. in the film Less Than Zero. Gertz is a stunning woman and her features are one part of the package – she seems like she does not age a bit! She hasn’t let on to the public what her secrets to looking so fabulous are yet, but we’ve got our ears out for it if she does!

Timeless Talents

2.1 Actresses Who Defy Age

Olivia Newton-John – 1948

Olivia Newton-John

Olivia Newton-John proved her acting chops and made us fall for her when she starred in Grease. However, she has garnered more popularity as a singer. Newton-John has the distinction of selling almost 100 million records across the globe and deserves credit for that. Her banks have been stacked up with currency ever since she has initiated her singing career. Her current net worth amounts to $40 Million, which stands a testimony to her success she has enjoyed as a singer, songwriter, and actress.

She has always been pretty much focused on her career. Olivia has never allowed anyone or anything to distract her away from her goals. She has also been vocal about many environmental issues and is a renowned animal rights activist. Olivia is an ethereal beauty at 69. Despite all the struggles and challenges she has faced, she has been a great fighter and a record-breaking artist!

Brooke Shields – 1965

Stepping into the film industry as a kid, Brooke Shields got her first breakthrough with Pretty Baby in 1978. She was just 12 years then, but that didn’t stop her from picking up all the acclamation that poured in. Later on, the seductive beauty grabbed the limelight with films such as Endless Love and The Blue Lagoon. However, she took a brief hiatus and went back to her college to complete her education.

Brooke graduated from Princeton and made a comeback to the film industry in the 90s. She delivered a nice performance with Suddenly Susan. Unfortunately, she had to go through a knee surgery in 2012 and her savings have surely helped her all the way. Health insurance would have surely helped her had she had one. Irrespective of all the tough times, she had to go through, Shields remains a heart-throb of the masses.

Mia Sara – June 19, 1967Mia Sara

Mia stole hearts with her performance as Sloane Peterson in the 1986 comedy, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Her acting was flawless, and she became an overnight sensation.

Besides this, Mia’s acting was breathtaking in other films too, which won her numerous awards. She was in a marital relationship with Jason Connery, the son of Sean Connery, but things didn’t work out as the two had planned.

Mia walked down the aisle with Brain Henson in 2010. She has a son with Jason and a daughter with Jim. As far as we know, she has a great liking towards flying and possesses a pilot’s license too. Flying higher must be her hobby, which gives her an adrenaline rush, and we guess this could be very well an anti-aging technique for her. We haven’t seen much of Mia in recent times, though.

Michelle Pfeiffer – 1958

Michelle Pfeiffer

Michelle Marie Pfeiffer is a successful actress and producer who stole hearts with every movie. Of course, she needs no introduction as she’s had the audience hooked since her very first appearance on screen. She won a Golden Globe and had three Academy Award nominations. Michelle is famous for her role as Selina Kyle aka Catwoman in Batman Returns – Tim Burton’s 1992 take on DC’s most famous caped crusader. The 62 years young Michelle leads a healthy lifestyle which is evident in the glow she still has!

Not one for plastic surgery or excessive makeup, Michelle claims she naturally has great genes. However, she also gives due credit to her healthy diet and exercise which helps her look despite her age. The secrets to her stress-free life must be her happy marriage to David Kelley. The couple has been going strong for 30 years now and has a son John Henry Kelley.

Cindy Crawford – 1966

Cindy Crawford

Cindy Crawford is one hell of a gorgeous woman and why wouldn’t she be? Her fitness regime under a personal coach has helped her retain that flawless skin and stunning features. Cindy has awesome genetics for sure, but working towards maintaining that irresistible demeanor required her to work hard.

Her diet is said to be consisting of meals that are laden with the goodness of nature. In addition to that, the lavish skincare routines have played their roles perfectly. Her savings would be ample even in her post-retirement phase for sure. Cindy is truly an inspiration for many young ladies who find it tough to cope with hectic schedules. She effortlessly seems to be managing her personal and professional life while not losing her charm.

Demi Moore – 1962

Demi Moore

Demi Gene Moore or Demi Moore as she is popular is a successful actor and producer. With a massive fan base across the world, she shot to fame in the year 1981. We can’t blame you if you have a crush on this stunning lady. All of us, at one time or the other, have fallen for Demi Moore. No one knew that she would be such a huge star one day when she joined the film industry at just 16 years of age.

Moore has gifted us some amazing movies such as Indecent Proposal, Disclosure, Striptease, and A Few Good Men. Besides that, she’s also the author of Inside Out, Inside Out. Mi Historia, Untitled Autobiography. She has a net worth of $150 million dollars and lives in Hailey, Idaho. And we guess her massive wealth and success are the reason that the 57 years old actress looks a few decades younger than she actually is.

Rebecca De Mornay – 1959

Rebecca De Mornay

Rebecca De Mornay is an actress shot to fame with her role in the movie Risky Business. She made her debut in the year 1981 and has been an instant favorite for everyone since then. At the age of 60, she still looks as perfect as she did when she made her acting debut. While Rebecca announced her arrival in the industry with her portrayal of Lana in the 1983 film, Risky Business, that’s not the only movie in which she stole hearts.

She was in numerous movies including Sera in Runaway Train, Backdraft, The Hand that Rocks the Cradle, as well as The Trip to Bountiful. Her filmography also includes The Three Musketeers, Mother’s Day, and Never Talk to Strangers. Her disciplined lifestyle has surely been the key to helping her stay flawless. She has a current net worth of $11 million dollars and lives in Los Angeles.

Ruth Buzzi – 1936

Ruth Buzzi

Ruth Buzzi is popular for her role as Gladys Ormphby in the late 60s TV show Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In. She started off her career as the comedy duo of Dom DeLuise in a television series The Garry Moore Show in 1964. Since then, she has appeared in a variety of other shows. As young as 19 years old, Buzzi had started singing on the road during school breaks which goes to show how hard she persevered to get to the place where she is now.

Ruth traveled with singer Rudy Vallee, performing live music and comedy acts. She graduated from college with an Actors’ Equity Associate union card. She brought her musical talent to New York City after her graduation. From then on, her career just prospered. Now, she is still gorgeous at her age. Buzzi is now retired and living with her husband, Kent Perkins. She is still adored by her fans; even Elton John still calls her Gladys!

Pamela Anderson – 1967

Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson, the model, actress, and author, has fans across generations. And why not? She manages to look as scintillating in her 50s as she did at the time of her debut. We are sure there’s not one person in this world, who watched the Baywatch series that could say they didn’t fall in love with her.

Banking on this 90s show’s popularities, this damsel was soon on a signing spree and landed numerous projects. This includes Raw Justice, Borat, Snapdragon, Good Cop Bad Cop, and Scary Movie 3, to name a few. However, what came as a pleasant surprise for her fans was her 2017 movie Baywatch where she recreated the iconic red swimsuit run from the 1989 show!

If you wonder how she looks so perfect, we have the Canadian-American actress’s beauty secrets. She follows a strict vegan diet, practices Pilates, and walks her dogs every day. Besides that, she also sticks to natural products and lets the sun give her much-needed Vitamin D dose. We hope she stays the same, always!

Denise Richards – 1971

Denise Richards

Denise Richards, is an actress from the 90s who has a massive fanbase globally. But one look at her picture and you may find that hard to believe! The gorgeous beauty got countless movie roles because of her flawless acting. She featured in films such as The World is Not Enough, Drop Dead Gorgeous, Scary Movie 3.

The actress is always candid about her beauty routine. While it’s normal for celebrities to indulge in expensive treatments, Richards prefers to go natural. She has tried botox in the past, but she prefers to keep things natural and uses cosmetics like retinol, moisturizer, and a good sunscreen.

She sticks to a regular fitness regime, and includes Pilates and cardio dance to her daily routine! No wonder, she looks the way she does because of her commitment to fitness and a healthy lifestyle.

Lynn Herring – 1958


Lynn Herring has turned 62 last September. She still looks as mesmerizing as ever. And it shows that she has great control over her life, looks, and age! Sources suggest that Herring prefers to go all-natural. So, we can say for sure that her skin is free from artificial products and surgery.

Herring has rightly captured the essence of one of the greatest characters of American serial General Hospital,librarian Lucy Coe. Her portrayal of the character made her a popular face in daytime television and she won one Soap Opera Digest Award and a nomination for Daytime Emmy Award.

Her list of other TV works includes L.A. Law, Days of Our Lives, As the World Turns, etc. She tied the knot with her co-actor from Days of Our Lives, Wayne Northrop, and together the couple has two sons.

Courteney Cox – 1964

Courteney Cox

You may recognize this gorgeous dark-haired actress in a Bruce Springsteen video in the eighties and more famously as Monica Gellar, in Friends. Courteney Cox has been entertaining us with her trademark charm and beauty for ages.

While she has been in Hollywood acing her game for so long, she has successfully added a lot of money to her bank account, getting several fans’ attention. Cox has been part of a show titled Cougar Town, where she plays a fit and glamorous woman in her fifties. The ageless wonder depends on spinning, kickboxing, circuit training to keep her fighting fit.

She has tried various procedures such as non-invasive skin treatment methods such as fillers to iron out the fine lines, but now she has decided to go au natural and embrace aging naturally.

Nancy McKeon – 1966

Nancy McKeon

Nancy McKeon was only eleven when the entertainment industry beckoned. Still, the breakthrough role that made everyone take notice of her talent is by playing the character  Jo Polniaczek in the television show, The Facts of Life.

After her major break, she went on to star in many movies, but unfortunately, she did not reach the zenith of success she would have liked to. McKeon is greatly successful as an actress and has made sure she is financially secure.

Nancy is now in her fifties. However, if you look at her image,  she does not look at fifty-four years of age! She has a natural glow in her face, and that’s something you need to see to believe! We want to know what keeps her looking so beautifully glowing at her age? We sure would want to know.

 Eva Mendes – 1974

Eva Mendes

Guess the age of the woman staring back at you, well, that’s Eva Mendes, and she seems not a day over twenty-six, right?  Well, she is forty-six! She is a stunning example of turning the clock back on time. This Latina actress’s partner is the talented Ryan Gosling. They have been together for more than six years now and are still very much in love with her.

Not only was she one of the most stunning models ever, but her performances have also kept us riveted to our screens. You can spot her in films such as including We Own the Night, The Other Guys, 2 Fast 2 Furious, and Girl in Progress, and many more.

In a recent interview, she shared some of her beauty hacks, and she revealed that she relies on good skincare rather than on makeup. This is what keeps her skin looking glowing and beautiful. Also, she never skips her workouts and workout at least thrice a week. No wonder it keeps her fit and healthy and looks years younger than her current age. Here’s to the ageless beauty whom we adore completely.

Meg Ryan – 1961

Meg Ryan

The Sleepless in Seattle actress stole our sleep with her pretty face! Hers was the face that came to our minds whenever we thought of meet-cute films. Her list of romantic comedies included, When Harry Met Sally, Sleepless in Seattle, You’ve Got Mail, French Kiss, Kate & Leopold.

She began her career in the film industry started in 1981, and she continued to work in the industry for more than the last four decades. Her earnings have been nothing short of amazing, enough to keep all her financial issues at bay.

Although roles dry up for older actresses in Hollywood, Meg Ryan wanted to bring about a change in that perception. Meg was one of the most adored actresses in Hollywood, and she was part of the 50 most beautiful people in the world. Even if she is 58 now, she continues to mesmerize us with her stunning and graceful looks.

2.2 Ageless Musicians

  • Andie MacDowell – 1958


Andie MacDowell has certainly mastered the art of aging like fine wine. Her career jumpstarted with the film Greystroke: The Legend of the Tarzan, Lord of the Apes in 1984, and other box-office winners such as Four Weddings and a Funeral, Green Card, Multiplicity, Love After Love.

She also went on to model for the international fashion house, Calvin Klein Inc., and her association with L’Oreal has been for thirty long years. Working for so many years in the Hollywood industry has helped her add a considerable amount to her bank.

But what makes the sixty-year-old actress look so good? Is it good genes, a healthy lifestyle, or some secret beauty treatment? Well, that is what gives you a flawless and glowing complexion. Well, we are still wondering. We have much to learn from her, right from her acting skills to her beauty secrets.

Angelina Jolie – 1975jo

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie is one of the most beautiful actresses around. We still find it hard to believe that she is now forty-five-years-old! Angelina’s career started in the early nineties, and since then, it has simply sky-rocketed.

Today, she is not only a great actress but also a philanthropist and a loving and caring mother. She has gone onto win many awards and accolades for her acting chops over the years. Angelina’s career is strewn over with amazing performances in films like Salt. In the Land of Blood and Honey, First They Killed My Father, and Mr.& Mrs. Smith.

She is one actress that keeps the cash registers ringing in the box-office since the start of her acting career. Therefore impressive bank account balance is not surprising at all. She is focusing on philanthropy now, and her career has taken a back seat.

Jodie Foster – 1962

Jodie Foster

Jodie Foster, the famous actress, director, and producer, has been working since she was three years old. She not only added the feather in her cap by winning  Academy and Golden Globe awards for her breakthrough role in the film Silence of the Lambs, but she also went on to round off her education by passing from Yale with a major in literature. At the same time, she continued to work in Hollywood, now that’s the sign of a true achiever.

After retiring as an actress, she pursued a career as a director. And the world saw her skills as a director with the TV show Orange Is the New Black.

The Beaver starring stars like Mel Gibson, Jennifer Lawrence, Anton Yelchin, and herself, brought out the greatness of Foster as a director. Her other successful directorial venture was Money Monster, which featured Julia Roberts and George Clooney. Success agrees with Foster! Also, she is still such a beauty!

Bianca Jagger – May 2, 1945

Bianca Jagger

The Rutles actress has called it a day in her acting profession. And we still miss watching her on-screen. She has an indelible mark on the industry. She is a Nicaraguan social activist and is involved with many charities and organizations.

On stage, she is one of the most talented actresses. The 73-year-old actress is has been part of many films besides The Rutles. She somehow does not look years younger than her years. We wonder what she has been using to look the way she has been looking.

Maybe it is her anti-aging treatments, we don’t know yet, but we still want to know all about it. With her philanthropy taking much of her time, she is super busy. She is one style icon whom everyone cannot have enough of. Her memorable appearances on the red carpet were stuff that fashion dreams are made of, and yes, once a style icon, always a style icon! All hail the eternal fashionista!

Jane Birkin – 1946

Jane Birkin

Jane Birkin’s tryst with worldwide fame came true with a romantic alliance with French singer and songwriter Serge Gainsbourg. Her career came to a flying start with the 1966 mystery thriller, Blowup, and her popularity skyrocketed ever since.

Another breakthrough role was with the crime drama Kaleidoscope, which wow both critics and the general audience. Her career is strewn with popular and through-provoking films such as  Death on the Nile, One Hundred and One Nights, The Last September, Same Old Song, and A Hell of a Day.

She walked down the love of her life with Barry John in 1965, but they parted ways soon after. Jane also shared a romantic relationship with Jacques Doillon, the French film director. Jane is now 73 years old, and one look at her skin will floor you. Yes, she still exudes a youthful glow. We guess it must be her strict lifestyle that keeps her looking the way she does.

Jacqueline Bisset – 1944

Jacqueline Bisset

acqueline Bisset is a stunning actress. Her beauty, grace, and her acting chops kept the viewers riveted to screens with roles such as Murder on the Orient Express, Casino Royale, and Airport.

She has acted opposite every mega-star we could think of, and she can be counted as one of the icons. She has been fairly successful in her career, and we were curious to know about her personal life. Well, she is a very private person, but we do know that she’s never walked down the aisle!

It does not mean she did not enjoy her share of romantic alliances. She also does not have children but is godmother to actress Angelina Jolie. Bisset still looks stunning, to say the least, and has been chosen as a face for the cosmetic giant Avon’s anti-aging skincare range, ANEW. Looking at her image here, we could say Avon has made the right choice.

Jennifer O’Neill —  1948

Jennifer O’Neill

Look at the current picture of Jennifer here. Who would say she is 70 years of age? Well, no one for sure! Those lines have only added to the allure. We hope to know her anti-aging secrets, what makes her look so drop-dead gorgeous even at seventy?

Whatever she has been doing to make her skin and hair look this good is surely working for her! Maybe it is her diet or her exercise regime that makes her look completely flawless!

Jennifer’s meteoric rise to fame in the 70s landed her roles in many movies that left a deep impact on pop culture. One of her more famous films was Summer of ’42, and Jennifer’s acting got everyone raving, yes people still think she looks dreamy, and her acting chops deserve attention too. We hope she continues to lead a life of health and happiness.

Barbara Carrera — 1945

Barbara Carrera

Barbara Carrera’s role as an assassin in Never Say Never Again was the turning point in her career. She may be popular for her portrayal of an assassin in that film, but she has essayed many challenging roles in her career, such as Lone World McQuade and Never Say Never Again.

Her stint in the television roles in Dallas, Centennial, Masada, and Queen of the South Seas helped her bond with the audience grow stronger. Today, besides being an artist, Barbara is also playing the role of an ambassador-at-large for Nicaragua.

Barbara was all over the screens in the 80s. She still looks so stunning! She is leading a happy and peaceful life now, with her investments reaping rich dividends. Carrera is now 74 years of age but looks years younger. We can even say that she can give every present-day actress a run for their money!

Linda Evans – 1942

Linda Evans

Linda Evans is 77 years old now, but you cannot say that by looking at her image. She looks so beautiful and graceful. She mesmerized her audience for around 30 years with her skillful portrayals of characters such as Audra Barkley in The Big Valley and as Krystal Carrington in Dynasty. Did you know she is also an author? She has authored books such as Recipes for Life: My Memories and Linda Evans Beauty and Exercise Book: Inner and Outer Beauty.

Those tanned golden look became the talking point in her heydeys, and the incredible thing to note that she still exudes an unmissable youthful glow all of that. While we are unsure of her anti-aging secrets, we are sure it’s working great for her! Well, what we know is that she does not only focus on the physical aspect of things but also the mental aspect.

Her diet includes healthy bone broth, nutritious recipes, and it even includes a certain colloidal silver! Well, her remedies may be age-old, but it works just fine for her.

Elisabeth Shue – 1963

Elisabeth Shue

The iconic actress of the 80s, Elizabeth Shue, is back on the screen again with Amazon Prime series The Boys, and it seems she’s still got it. The veteran actress who recently has oozed charm in war flick Greyhound has been acting professionally since the early ‘80s. She found fame after starring in a string of hits, including Cocktail, Adventures In Babysitting, Karate Kid, Hollow Man, Piranha 3D, and Death Wish.

But perhaps her best performance remains in Leaving Las Vegas, for which she earned an Oscar nomination. The 56-year-old Harvard graduate has enjoyed a colorful career playing all kinds of characters.

The elegant blonde from a sports enthusiast family is an avid tennis lover and plays for two hours every day. It is no wonder she is so fit and fine even in her late 50s. She tied the knot with film director Davis Guggenheim and together, the couple share three children.

Beauty Secrets Unveiled

3.1 Lifestyle Habits

Beverly D’Angelo – 1951

Beverly D’Angel

Anyone who has been an avid watcher of the film series, National Lampoon’s Vacation, would know who Beverly D’Angelo is. The singer and actress attained stardom with her performance and made her way into our hearts.

Her role Patsy Cline in the famous Coal Miner’s Daughter, helped her grab a nomination for the Golden Globe Awards.  Though she had to endure some heart-breaks on the personal front, her professional success has kept her going. She has amassed a fortune that would be enough for her to last a lifetime.

At 66, Beverly has seen a lot in her life but has somehow managed to hold her age with elan. We do not know whether she has availed a surgery or not, but she has retained her youth. Her glow is something that we are fond of. We wish her good luck for the times to come.

Cindy Landon – 1957

Cindy Landon

Cindy Landon became quite a popular figure as the former life partner of Michael Landon. However, despite being the better half of a celebrity, Cindy preferred to live a private life. But we were in for a pleasant surprise when she finally decided to come out of Michael’s shadow and build up an image of her own.

Her gorgeous appearance made us fall for her in an instant. She soon became the cynosure of all eyes even though she was beyond sixty. Cindy has established herself as a producer. Some of her major works include WhaledreamersAfter Kony: Staging Hope, and Sanctuary.

She even went on to build up a career in production back in the year 2006. She shares Sean and Jennifer with Michael. We are not sure whether she went under the knife, but she can turn heads even today. Cindy seems to be following a fitness schedule. She is maintaining herself fabulously.

Marina Sirtis – 1955

Marina Sirtis

Marina Sirtis, the popular British-American actress, rose to fame with her role in the television series Star Trek: The Next Generation. Her role as Counselor Denna Troi made her a household name. She then went on to become an inseparable part of the franchise.

The 65-years-old actress made her debut in 1977 and has had an immensely successful career since then. She continues to dazzle and charm people with her smile to this day. Probably The Enterprise had some anti-aging secret that has helped her stay young forever! While we are not sure if she went under the knife to look young, we believe whatever method she depends on, is helping her to a great extent.

She has a net worth of $6 million and lives in Los Angeles, California, with her husband, Michael Lamper. We hope she continues to entertain us for many more years without planning a retirement.

Alison Sweeney – 1976

Alison Sweeney

Alison Ann Sweeney is a popular reality television show host, actress, author, and director who needs no introduction. She rose to fame with her role in the popular NBC soap opera Days of Our Lives She made a debut in the year 1981 and continues to be a household name to this day.

The actress was in the show from 1993 until 2004, and everyone would agree with us when we say that she did not age one bit during the entire duration of the show. And today, even at the age of 43, she continues to look flawless.

The actress says her healthy lifestyle choices and diet is what make her look flawless and keeps her glowing. Her net worth of $9 million makes it possible to lead a stress-free lifestyle, so we are sure that plays a role too in keeping her young!

Elin Nordegren – 1980


Elin Nordegren, the model, was all over the news a few years ago. However, it was not because of her successful career. Rather it was due to her high profile wedding with the ace golfer Tiger Woods.

The couple has three children from their wedding, but they soon part ways in 2010 due to their differences. The couple, however, continues to be on good terms. Elin was recently spotted with her current partner Jordan Cameron and looked like the former model is refusing to age.

It is almost impossible to believe that she is in her 40s. But we guess her fitness routine from her modeling days is paying off well. Add to it, her net worth of $120 million, that lets her lead a comfortable lifestyle sans any worries. And it looks like the stress-free life is leaving a radiant glow on her face.

3.2 Skincare Routines

Amanda Holden – 1971


Amanda Louise Holden is an English media personality, television presenter, actress, author, and singer who needs an introduction. She made her debut in 1991 and went on to become a popular star with numerous movies and television shows. However, it was with her stint as a judge on Britain’s Got Talent on ITV that made her a household name.

One look at the pictures and anyone would agree that she looks the same both at the time of her debut and now. It might be impossible for people to believe that she’s close to her Golden Jubilee years. Yes, Amanda Holden is 49 years old now.

Amanda went on record to say that there’s a £9 secret, which keeps her skin glowing. The actress bumped Botox in favor of collagen facials. This has led to slowing down her aging process. With a net worth of $6 million, we are sure she can afford many more such expensive beauty treatments too.

Elinor Donahue – 1937

Elinor Donahue

Mary Eleanor Donahue is an actress popular for her role as Better Anderson in the sitcom Father Knows Best. She made her debut in 1942 and was an integral part of the entertainment world until 2011. Her retirement was a huge shocker for her fans, not just because they would miss her, but also because Elinor doesn’t look like she needs to hang up her boots and retire.

She walked down the aisle thrice and has four children Christopher Ackerman, James Ackerman, Brian Ackerman, and Peter Ackerman. Besides being a popular actress, she is also the author of The Cat Who Read the Mail: Sixteen Amazing Stories about Our Mysterious Bond with Animals.

The Odd Couple actress is now 83 years old and lives in California. She maintains her signature hairstyle to this day, which helps her look young as always. Her net worth of $3 million, which gives her a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle.

April Bowlby – 1980

April Bowlby

April Michelle Bowlby or April Bowlby, as she’s popular, is an actress and model. She rose to fame with her role as Kandi is one of the longest-running sitcom Two and a Half Men, where she had a recurring role for the entire span of the series from 2006 to 2015. She then went on to star in numerous other television shows and movies too.

This includes Drop Dead Diva, Titans, Doom Patrol, Love’s Last Resort, From Prada to Nada, Marriage of Lies, and All Roads Lead Home, to name a few. The actress is now 39 years old and looks like she wouldn’t have to undergo a surgery or any anti-aging treatments any time soon. Her pictures without makeup go on to prove how she’s drop-dead gorgeous even without makeup.

We are sure this flawless skin is a result of a healthy diet, rigorous workout, and great lifestyle choices. Whatever it is, we would love to get a sneak peek into the actress’s beauty secrets.

Mayim Bialik – 1975

Mayim Bialik

Amy Farrah Fowler, the neurobiologist and the love interest of the genius Sheldon Lee Cooper in The Big Bang Theory needs no introduction. She stole our hearts when she first walked into the coffee shop to meet the guy the internet had chosen for her. According to the fans of this show, her (Amy’s) IQ is something around 180 and 185.

What most people might not know is that Mayim Bialik, who played this role, is a genius in real life too and is a neuroscientist by profession. She made her acting debut at a very young age with her role in the NBC sitcom Blossom in the year 1991.

Since then, until now, the actress has been an integral part of every household and has proven to be a beauty with brains. She is currently 44 years old and might soon appear along with her TBBT co-star Jim Parsons on the show Carla. We hope she continues to act, entertain, and inspire people across the globe.

Elizabeth Hurley – 1965

Elizabeth Hurley

Elizabeth Jane Hurley, the model, actress, and businesswoman, needs no introduction. This British national actress made her debut in the year 1987 with Aria as Marietta. She went on to be part of numerous other movies and TV shows too. This includes Serving Sara, Kill Cruise, Rowing with the Wind, Bedazzled, EDtv, The Royals, Passenger 57, and The Weight of Water, to name a few.

Despite being part of numerous movies and television shows in the 1990s, she was in the news as the love interest of Hugh Grant. Popular by her nickname Liz Hurley, she walked down the aisle with Arun Nayar in 2007. But they part ways in 2011. She has a son Damian Hurley with businessman Steve Bing.

The actress is currently is 55 years old. But going by the recent pictures she shared on her social media sporting a bikini, we can say for sure that she looks nothing close to her actual age. We would love to know this model’s anti-aging secrets for sure!

Trish Stratus -1975

Trish Stratus

Patricia Anne Stratigeas, a professional fitness trainer and a wrestler. She is also an actress, television personality, and a model who rose to fame with her debut match in 2000. She is popular by her ring name Trish Stratus won one WWE Hardcore Champion and three WWE Babe of the Year titles. Besides that, she also holds the title “Diva of the Decade.”

Some of her popular movies and TV shows are Gridlocked, Bail Enforcers, Stratusphere, Armed & Famous, and The Second City’s Next Comedy Legend, to name a few. From the success of her multi-faceted career, she has a massive net worth of $6 million. She began her career as a fitness model while studying at York University.

Trish Stratus’s life as a model and wrestler is all about fitness, so we are sure that healthy life choices are paying off well. And that’s probably the reason why she looks way younger than her actual age of 44 years.

Susan Dey – 1952

Susan Dey

Susan Hallock Dey is a popular actress who rose to fame with the sitcom The Partridge Family. Her role as Laurie Partridge in the show 1970 to 1974 made her a household name. She went on to become a household name by appearing in numerous movies and TV shows. This includes The Partridge Family, Looker, L.A. Law, First Love, Echo Park. Skyjacked, Third Watch, and Loves Me Loves Me Not to name a few.

She walked down the aisle twice and has one child Sara Dey-Hirshan from her marriage. It is impossible to believe that Susan Dey is the mother of a 41-year-old. That’s probably because Susan Dey looks like someone in her 40s despite being in her late 60s.

It looks like the Third Watch actress has uncovered some amazing beauty secrets that keep her young and healthy. Her radiant glow at this age makes everyone envy her for sure. And we have reasons to believe that her net worth of $10 million has a role to play too in her looking this gorgeous.

3.3 Rumored Cosmetic Enhancements

Tatyana Ali -1979

Tatyana Ali

Tatyana Marisol Ali made her way into the hearts of the audience with her role in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. She was just six years old when she made her debut in 1990, and she continued to be part of the show until 1996. Tatyana then went on to be part of numerous other movies and TV shows too.

This includes Love That Girl!, The Brothers, Christmas Everlasting, Jawbreaker, Glory Road, Wrapped Up In Christmas, and Eddie Murphy Raw, to name a few. She walked down the aisle with Vaughn Rasberry in 2016. She has two children Edward Aszard Rasberry and Alejandro Vaughn Rasberry.

The 41-year-old actress doesn’t plan on retiring soon, and we cannot be happier about it. She currently lives in Long Island, New York, and has a net worth of $6 million. She has a radiant glow on her face, and we are guessing it is because of healthy lifestyle choices as she has never gone under the knife ever!

Kate Bush – 1958

Kate Bush

Kate Bush is a successful woman thanks to her flourishing career as a producer, songwriter, and singer. She was a girl of nineteen when she found fame and fortune came to follow closely after.

Bush made an instant impact on the music industry with her debut single Wuthering Heights. The song made its way to the top of the U.K. Singles Charts for a whopping four weeks in a row! Being in her sixties, she has many women envying her radiant complexion and her virtually wrinkle-free skin! Bush has a brilliant smile, and her personality shines through whenever she smiles.

Her lively personality could contribute to her appearing as young as she does, despite the many years that have passed. Bush is the proud recipient of three Grammys, a GAFFA award, an Edison Award and an Evening Standard Theatre Award – plus many more!

Christina Applegate – 1971

Christina Applegate

Hollywood is full of many stars, but one who stands out is Christina Applegate. She found her big break with the role of ‘Kelly Bundy’ in Married… With Children. Applegate was fortunate to have found a way to climb up the ladder of fame when she was only an adolescent. It gave her lots of time to build a solid career in Hollywood.

Applegate went on to land a role in The Big Hit, Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy (and its sequel), Vacation, and Bad Moms. She has seen many rave reviews and has grown a wide fanbase for herself over the years.

However, she has met some trouble in her health, being diagnosed with breast cancer. Fortunately, a double mastectomy has helped her come out on top of the disease. She is healthier now, and she looks amazing for her age! She seems to have stalled aging somewhere in her thirties!

Lauren Tewes – 1953

Lauren Tewes

ABC Network sure did a great service to Lauren Tewes by having her cast as ‘Julie McCoy’ in the hit T.V. series named The Love Boat. The series did a lot to exhibit Tewes’ acting skills and grew her a large fan base.

After this popular role, she needs o introduction! She has been captivating audiences with her bubbly personality and her vibrant smile since the 80s. She is currently in her sixties but certainly looks many years younger than her biological age! Tewes has $2 million to her name, which certainly means she doesn’t have any financial troubles to stress her out with! It’s no wonder her face is so youthful!

Her debut film role was in Eyes of a Trnagerand to this day, and she is famous for it. This sure does speak volumes for her talent in front of the camera! However, in her personal life, she wasn’t met with the same successes. She wed three times and lost her only daughter only a month after birth. However, she has come out as a fighter from her struggles as a stronger woman. This is truly inspirational to us all.

Age-Defying Icons

4.1 Legendary Leading Ladies

Tina Louise Ginger – 1934

Tina Louise Ginger

Tina Louise Ginger stole our hearts with her cute portrayal of Ginger in the popular show, Gilligan’s Island. She began her journey in the entertainment industry back in the 50s decade.

While many of her contemporaries are no more amongst us, Tina is alive and kicking even at the age of 84. Aside from being a live wire, she has still retains those glamorous features which she has always been famous for.

With a lot of money in her bank account, leading a life of luxury has been a cakewalk for Tina. She rose to fame with her performances in For T hose Who Think Young, God’s Little Acre, The Trap, and Day of the Outlaw, among others. The veteran has a rich history to boast of, and she can’t deny that we love her. We are happy to share the progress she has been making.

Hunter Tylo – 1962

Hunter Tylo

Hunter Tylo floored us all with her portrayal of Taylor Haynes in The Bold and the Beautiful, one of the most-watched soap operas. She was with the show for a long time. Aside from that, Tylo has been a part of several other shows like Days of our Lives during her career.

She was all set to become a pre-medical student in her life. However, she chose to become an actress when the role of Taylor Haynes came along her way. She entered the show business with the name of Deborah Morehart back in the year 1984. Tylo went on to bid adieu to her acting career in the 90s decade.

That’s because she wasn’t much impressed with the roles that she got. Today, Tylo has all the wealth she needs to lead her life comfortably. She is close to completing six decades on this planet but still manages to look gorgeous.

Matthew Labyorteaux – 1966

Matthew Labyorteaux

The Little House on the Prairie was undoubtedly one of the finest made and among the most successful shows on television. Every character on the show was able to catch the imagination of the viewers and has stayed with us till now.

The cute and little Albert, too, was one of them. Matthew Labyorteaux was successful in bringing the character to life! The actor, though, is now in his fifties and is quite a looker.

Frances, his mother, had been an actress as well and had passed on her talented genes to her son. Frances always wanted Matthew to become a successful cinematographer and take up acting as well. He went on to attend acting classes and even gave audition for numerous roles. Matthew eventually went on to establish himself as an actor and has poured enough money in his banks in the bargain.

Jeri Ryan – 1968

Jeri Ryan

Jeri Lynn Ryan emerged as a prominent actress for her portrayal of Borg drone Seven of Nine in the iconic Star Trek series. She also garnered huge popularity with her roles in Boston Public as well as Dark Skies.

Though she has been a part of a host of films, her television career got her a life of fame and glory. Devil’s Range, her latest film, in 2019. 2020 is definitely a hectic year for Ryan as she has her diary all packed up. She is busy with projects like The Ready Room, MacGyver, and Star Trek: Picard.

She came across Émé, a popular French chef and her future husband at a charity event and the two hit it off instantly. The two have welcomed a daughter in their family and have also made a joint appearance on Iron Chef America. With a nice net worth to boast of, Ryan is having a good life.

Tami Stronach – 1972

Tami Stronach

Tami Stronach is in her late forties right now, but her flawless skin keeps on mesmerizing us every time we set our eyes on her. As a matter of fact, very few celebs have aged so gracefully as Tami.

She is a former child star and a choreographer. We fell in love with her when we saw her in The Childlike Empress as well as The Neverending Story. Post that, she made up her mind to stay away from acting and went on to join the Neta Dance Company.

After she became a prominent member of the U.S. Dance Troupe in the year 1996, Tami toured the world and focused on her career in choreography. She has garnered enough currency throughout her career and has successfully stayed away from issues such as bankruptcy and stuff. She walked down the aisle with Greg Steinbruner in 2010 and gave birth to daughter Maya in 2011.

4.2 Vintage Vixens

Kristian Alfonso – 1963

Kristian Alfonso

The former figure skater made a name for herself when she won a gold medal at the prestigious Junior Olympic Championship. Unfortunately, she couldn’t continue with her career as she met with an accident.

She then took to modeling, and by the time she turned 15, Kristian had already appeared on the covers of a host of popular magazines. That catapulted her to the big league, and soon, acting offers came along.

She appeared on television in 1981 when we saw her in The Starmaker, a television film. Kristian then went on to portray the character of Hope Williams Brady in the popular show, Days of our Lives, and snatched the limelight. The wealth she has earned till now is enough for her to last a lifetime. She tied the knot with Danny Daggenhurst, her second husband, in the year 2001, and is the mother of Jack and Spartan, her two kids.

Lark Voorhies – 1974

Lark Voorhies

Born in the year 1974, Lark Voorhies simply refuses to age. She started climbing up the ladder of popularity with her role of Lisa Marie Turtle in the NBC show, Saved By the Bell, and went on to grab six nominations for the much-coveted Young Artist Award.

She won it in the years 1990 and then in 1993. It didn’t take us much time to realize that Lark is a powerhouse of talent. She is a model, actress, singer, and a spokesperson. Aside from acting, she has penned down three books and has self-published all of them, and has also been a part of various music videos.

Although her professional life has always been up to the mark, Lark’s personal life hasn’t been smooth. She was involved in three serious relationships, but none of them could see the light of the day. However, she has maintained an affluent yet disciplined lifestyle.

The Pursuit of Youth

5.1 Maintaining Natural Radiance

Mindy Cohn – 1966

Mindy Cohn

Mindy Cohn gained prominence with her enactment of Natalie Green in the sitcom, The Facts of Life. She was an integral part of the show between 1979 and 1988 and garnered appreciation and acclamation for her performance.

This allowed her to pile up a substantial amount in her bank account. Mindy also gave a voice-over for Velma Dinkley, a character in Scooby-Doo from 2002 to 2015. Her contribution to What’ s New, Scooby-Do? earned her a Daytime Emmy Award nomination.

Her fans have lapped her performances and though not many great offers came her way, Mindy still remains a celebrated figure. She lives amidst luxury at her nest in the posh neighborhood, and though she hasn’t yet tied the knot and doesn’t have any children, Mindy is happy in her own space. She has taken aging in her stride and is looking great these days.

Bernadette Peters — 1948

Bernadette Peter

Bernadette has always been a name to reckon with. She has established herself as a successful writer of various books for children, a singer, and an actress. Her career in the entertainment industry has spanned across more than fifty years.

She has appeared starred in films and T.V. shows, performed in different concerts, appeared in musicals, as well as churned out several recordings till now. Her performances in a host of Broadway musicals have won appreciation from fans and critics alike.

Her impressive ensemble of musicals comprises Into the Woods, The Goodbye Girl, Sunday in the Park with George, Mack, and Mabel, and Annie Get Your Gun. Bernadette has pocketed eight or more Drama Desk Awards and two Tonys. At 71, she is all grace and elegance. We just hope she has her health insurance plans in place.

Nicole Kidman – 1967

Nicole Kidman

The Australian actress enchanted us throughout her career with her string of stellar performances. Nicole Kidman has been at the top of her acting career for a long period and has gifted us with some astounding performances over time.

Moulin Rouge would probably remain as one of her most memorable films to date. And nobody can deny the fact that Nicole was just out of the world in that film. Born in the year 1967, she is now well into her fifties and still looks like a dream. Many believe that the actress had undergone plastic surgery.

However, we think that her taut skin is all due to the times she spends out in the sun. She has a figure to die for, and that is a result of all the exercises she goes through regularly. Regular swimming and sit-ups give her that added advantage.

Cher – 1946


The iconic Cher will forever hold an extraordinary place in the world of fashion, music, and entertainment. Cher is a trendsetter in every sense of the world. She embraced her unique tastes with confidence early in her life, and she has been a pioneer as a result of it.

Even today, in her seventies, she has females decades younger than her looking up to her for inspiration of every form, including fashion! Cher was a sensation since the hit I Got You Babe reached the world. Less than two years after the release of the song, it had made it to the top of U.S. and U.K. charts, and Cher has sold over 40 million albums across the entire world.

If that’s not talent, we don’t know what is! Cher sill has many followers, and her fan base is surprisingly still growing! Her career is far from dead, and she is far from retirement!

Monica Bellucci – 1964

Monica Bellucci

Monica Bellucci is one of the world’s most stunning actresses, and one look at her will tell you why! She capitalized on her feminine and sultry looks in the infancy of her entertainment career when she was only thirteen years old.

Her beauty helped her gain momentum in her modeling career. From modeling, Bellucci went on to feature in Italian films. She eventually made her way to Hollywood. Hollywood was very accepting of the beautiful and talented Bellucci, and she fitted right in. Her exotic looks and her skilled acting landed her many roles.

She was featured in Spectre as recently as 2015. Imagine being cast as a Bond girl at her age! Her flawless skin is enviable but most likely genetic. She is nearly sixty years old, and we just cannot believe it. What natural!

Tina Majorino — 1985

Tina Majorino

Starting her career as a child artist in movies like Corrina, Waterworld, and Andre, Tina Majorino is a well-established actress now. Tina is famous for being very picky about her roles.

According to her, she wants to focus more on the quality of her content rather than the quantity. And she certainly did prove her worth to the world with her amazing acting skills in the show Veronica Mars.

There are a lot of fans waiting all around the world to see her on the big screen again. We hope Tina finds a well worthy acting project that suits her persona soon. We can’t believe our eyes that the shy girl from Waterworld is now a stunning woman!

Brigitte Nielsen – 1963

Brigitte Nielsen

The Danish actress and model Brigitte Nielsen fear for her two sons, who were reportedly living in Italy amidst the pandemic. As a mother of five, Nielsen was constantly worrying about her sons’ situation in their homes in Milan. Her kids were saying that they were scared of their tough situation on the land.

There’s no further update with regards to her sons’ current situation. Her present husband, who is also a former model, is a native of Italy as well. The couple was successful in having a child through the IVF process in 2018. Now Nielsen, who is flawless at age 57, stays in shape by sticking to a healthy regimen even during the lockdown.

Her first acting career was in the film titled Red Sonja with Arnold Schwarzenegger. She then later appeared as host and guest on multiple Italian television shows, which includes a reality show in which Nielsen underwent plastic surgery.

Emmylou Harris – 1947

Emmylou Harris

Emmylou Harris is a singer-songwriter-musician. She made her career breakthrough with her debut with Gram Parsons, who later became her mentor. During those times, Parson, who was also a singer, was looking for a female vocalist to collaborate with him.

Harris became a member of the band, the Fallen Angel, and began going on tour with them. Touring with the pioneers in the industry did help her learn the nuances of the trade! She then pursued a solo career after the death of his mentor. Though this was also a difficult time for her, she went on to pursue her dream.

After years of songwriting and album releasing, Harris found a mention in the Nashville’s Country Music Hall of Fame. Aside from creating music, she maintains a flawless look as she actively takes part in various organizations that advocates for animal rights and care for woman empowerment and humanities initiatives.

Linda Ronstadt – 1946

Linda Ronstadt

It may have been 8 years since her last appearance on stage, but Linda Ronstadt is still rockin’ in her 70’s. The award-winning American singer has captivated fans all over the world with her singing voice. Throughout her music career, she won numerous awards including, two Grammy Awards, an Emmy Award, three American Music Awards, two Academy of Country Music Awards, and an ALMA Award.

Ronstadt also won a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2014 and the prestigious Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award in 2016. She had to let go of her lifestyle as a musician when she was diagnosed with a degenerative disease affecting her voice. At the age of 73, her sweet smile and stunning looks remain.

Her eyes still spark and are very much captivating. She remains brave in recovering from the disease. In 2013, she released her autobiography, entitled “Simple Dreams: A Musical Memoir.” Perhaps she discussed in her book how she managed to age flawlessly.

Cindy Williams –1947

Cindy Williams

Cindy Williams was a theater major from Los Angeles City College. Right after she graduated, she began her acting career through national commercials. Later, she started landing roles in television – including her roles in Nanny and the Professor and Laverne & Shirley.

With her bright smile and expressive eyes, it was hard not to cast Williams. She also performed on stage for GreaseMoon Over Buffalo, and Deathtrap. Her Broadway breakthrough, however, was in 2007 when she played Mrs. Tottendale in The Drowsy Chaperone.

It’s clear that her passion for acting made her truly happy – and it radiates through her. She equally looks sophisticated, energetic, and young as she was in her 20s. Even as years passed, the 72-year-old actress seemed to defy time. Williams shows that with a healthy lifestyle, everyone can look fabulous and flawless at any age.

Keshia Knight – 1979

Keshia Knight

We all remember the character of Rudy Huxtable in the popular NBC sitcom The Cosby Show, don’t we? Well, Keshia Knight was the one who made the role popular among the viewers. Beginning her career as a child artist, Keshia was able to catch the imagination of all and sundry.

However, she went on to rise in fame with her portrayal of Miranda Lucas-Payne in the TBS comedy, Tyler Perry’s House of Payne.  Keshia has an attractive fortune under her belt throughout her enterprising career. She has spent a good portion of that on luxury. We don’t blame her for that at all since she deserves all the comfort.

Despite being 41 years old,  she is looking gorgeous. Keshia sure leads a life of discipline, which favors her skin and looks. However, if there is any other trick that she relies on, we will love to know that!

Erika Eleniak – 1969

Erika Eleniak

The former model got her breakthrough as an actress with her portrayal of Shauni McClain in the iconic TV show, Baywatch. Eleniak became a star overnight and soon made her transition to films. Her film credits comprise E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial, The Beverly Hillbillies, The Blob and Under Siege. Banking on her success, Eleniak made sure that she has an ample sum in her kitty to last her a lifetime. That’s a good job.

She has been happily involved in a relationship with Roch Daigle since 2001. Eleniak had some pregnancy issues in 2005 and had to go through surgery. That was the period when she had to tackle weight problems. She has managed to get back a little in shape.

Princess Caroline of Hanover – 1957

Daughter of Princess Grace Kelly and the Prince of Monaco, Rainier III, Princess Caroline was born with a silver spoon in her mouth. She has been involved in several romantic relationships with royal men. Other famous personalities have also swept this lady off her feet, such as Ingrid Bergman’s son, Robertino Rossellini, the popular French singer, Phillipe Lavil, and son of the former president of France, Henri Giscard d’Estaing.

Caroline has been married three times to date, and it seems like her third marriage with Prince Ernst August of Hanover will stand the test of time. She has quite a bit of resemblance with her famous mother and leads a royal lifestyle. Caroline has aged quite gracefully but still has that youthful aura around her.

Christie Brinkley – 1954

Christie Brinkley began her modeling career in late 1970 as the cover model for three consecutive issues of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit. She went on to bag the longest-running modeling contract in cosmetic history as the face of CoverGirl for a quarter of a century. She also appeared in numerous music videos of musician Billy Joel to whom she was once married.

The model turned entrepreneur celebrated her 65th birthday in February this year and she still looks as stunning as ever. Named one of the 100 most attractive women of the 20th century, Christie is truly an ageless beauty who seems to be becoming more and more beautiful with age.  Christie doesn’t have any specific beauty regimen but a vegan diet and regular exercise keep her healthy.

Jaimee Foxworth – 1979

If you still remember the 80s sitcom Family Matters, Jaimee Foxworth is a name you’re familiar with. The former Family Matters star is now a full-time mother, raising her son sitting far away from Hollywood.

Foxworth was a teen sensation back then but disappeared from the limelight suddenly. If sources are to go by, she lost her way around Hollywood and had to struggle a lot to get back on track. Now she is in her 40s but looks rather young in comparison to her age. Her fans want to know more about her diet and fitness routine.

She also had a fascinating interview with Oprah, where she shed much light on her post-Hollywood days. But after all these years, it looks like the fan-favorite Judy Winslow of Family Matters remains an epitome of beauty despite staying away from the glitz and glamour of Tinseltown.

Kelly Ripa – 1970

Kelly Ripa looks way younger than her age, and that is amazing. As a TV personality, she looks fabulous most of the time. Ripa makes sure to keep her body toned, and her complexion is sparkling. Her secret? She is into anti-aging products and complements that with vitamins, a proper diet, and exercise.

She has a dietician advising her on her diet at all times. This includes information on her supplements like omega-3, turmeric, and cumin seed oil supplements. Besides this, she also frequently consumes Alkamind Daily Greens and Alkamind Daily Minerals before she hits the gym. Ripa puts a lot of energy and effort into maintaining her health and physique. However, it’s no surprise seeing the way she pulls off her job also with perfection putting in that extra effort in every step.

Salma Hayek – 1966

Salma Hayek is one woman who has given several sleepless nights to a lot of men around the world. The super hot and super charming actress has woven magic with her charismatic presence on the silver screen. Hayek has also displayed fabulous acting skills in films such as Wild Wild West, Frida, Desperado, and The Hitman’s Bodyguard. She has been married to French billionaire Francois-Henri Pinault since the year 2009.

From piling up a massive sum in her bank account to stealing the hearts of many, Hayek has been a superstar in every sense of the term. As far as her looks are concerned, she is a matchless beauty at 53. She has preferred to go all-natural while taking care of her skin and doesn’t probably endorse going through a surgery. We just love her!

Goldie Hawn – 1945

After starting her journey in the 70s decade, Goldie Hawn didn’t take much time in attaining stardom. At a time, when a number of her contemporaries were wasting their money on things which shouldn’t be done and putting their entire career at risk, Hawn focused entirely on the money she was earning. Her hard work paid off, and currently, she has an enviable bank balance.

Hawn has made certain investments in her life and has found the Hawn Foundation. The organization looks after the underprivileged children and carries out its responsibility of providing the necessities. In spite of crossing 70 years on this planet, Hawn is as stunning as she used to be in her heydays. Her flawless skin speaks volumes about her diet. Great going, lady!

Catherine Bell – 1968

When we talk about Catherine Bell, we have to mention how good she was in her role as Sarah McKenzie in JAG, the series on NBC. She was associated with the show between 1997 and 2005. Her list of other portrayals includes Cassandra Nightingale in The Good Witch and Denise Sherwood in Army Wives. Born in the year 1968, Bell has crossed more than half-a-century.

The actress has been taking a lot of interest in Scientology movement now and is devoting her time towards it. She looks lovely and all credit goes to the anti-aging treatments that she has been availing for the past few years. There were speculations that Bell has even undergone plastic

Dolly Parton – 1946

Dolly Rebecca Parton is a versatile woman and has dabbled in singing, songwriting, acting, writing, and many more. Hello, I’m Dolly, her debut album, was out in the year 1967 and made her a name to be reckoned with in the world of music. Twenty-five of her albums have won gold, platinum, as well as multi-platinum certifications. Dolly was honored with an induction unto the prestigious Country Music Hall of Fame in the year 1999.

At 73, she still looks mesmerizing. We would give an arm to know the reason behind her ever-so-glowing skin and what nutrition facts she adheres to. Even though her musical career is now on the downslide, Parton has continued with her investment in records. She even launched Dolly Records, her own record company.

Victoria Principal — 1950

ou would know who Victoria Principal is if you had watched Dallas, a popular soap opera. She was an integral part of the show for 9 years before moving on to launch a production company of her own. In addition to that, she has come up with a skincare line named Principal Secret. Victoria has also penned down books on health, fitness, and beauty, all of which have sold like hotcakes.

She has been a versatile woman all her life and now, she is on the verge of completing 70 years of her life. She has never compromised on her life choices and has never gone off the track as far as maintaining her well-being and eating organic food is concerned. Kudos to her for everything!

Nancy Sinatra — 1940

As a progeny of the legendary musician Frank Sinatra, one would expect Nancy Sinatra to also become a musician. And so she did not disappoint. Making her way into our hearts in the 1960s, she’s one star who still remains a hot favorite for many. She rose to fame with These Boots Are Made for Walkin’ which was a signature hit in the year 1966.

Nancy went on to record music and sing from the 1960s, and went on to release music all the way till 2013 when her last album dropped. Since then Nancy has been lying low and settling in comfortably into retirement in her lavish and comfortable home in Santa Monica. She is currently in her 80s, but still has the captivating charm of her youth! From her several decades of hard work, she earned a net worth of $50 million dollars.

Lisa Whelchel – 1963

Lisa Diane Whelchel established herself as an actress when she starred as a Mouseketeer in the TV show, The New Mickey Mouse Club and Blair Warner in The Facts of Life. She has been active in this industry since the year 1977. Her other notable works are All Because of You and Survivor: Philippines.

Whelchel happens to be the mother of three kids which must have been stressful but Whelchel had a tactic to address that. Lisa changed her lifestyle to accommodate more positivity into it and is now focused more on her fitness and beauty regimens. She is naturally gorgeous and didn’t contemplate availing any kind of surgery ever. All credit goes to her for shaping up her life so beautifully.

Deana Carter – 1966

After she churned out her first music album in the year 1996, nobody had any doubt whatsoever regarding her abilities to become a superstar. Strawberry Wine became her first single to be ranked number one on the Billboard country blockbusters back in the year 1996. Carter has earned several nominations for a Grammy Award throughout her career.

Additionally, she has also penned down a book and serves as the spokesperson for various NGOs. Right now, she seems to be quite healthy and we believe the fitness regimen she is going through has paid off. Her radiant skin is probably the effect of the diet routine that she uses follows. Well done, Deana Carter.

Sharon Stone – 1958

Right from her Stardust Memories days, Sharon Stone is famous for her majestic presence on the silver screen. The Woody Allen film gave her the first breakthrough and since then, she has been ruling hearts worldwide. Her ensemble of films includes Basic Instinct, Total Recall, Casino, Silver, and many more.

Sharon’s flawless skin has remained the same over the years, and we don’t think we would be getting enough of her ever. Those stunning eyes and that gorgeous face can melt a heart at the snap of a finger, and we are certainly not complaining. Her svelte figure at the age of 61 is something that deserves every bit of appreciation, and we are eager to know a few things regarding her diet! Share us your secrets, Sharon!

Dame Helen Mirren – 1945

Dame Helen Mirren has been every movie goer’s favorite. Laying hands on the Triple Crown of Acting is a feat that only a handful of actors in the industry have accomplished. Additionally, she has also been bestowed upon with the prestigious DBE for her immense contribution to the world of entertainment. Dame is famous for her unforgettable performances in films such as Gosford Park, The Audience, and The Queen. She has also starred in Prime Suspect, the television series.

Her enterprising career got her a wealth of close to $50 million. The Dame has been particular about a healthy routine. And that’s the reason why she has been able to take control of her life’s steering. This is surely evident from her charming looks and energy even at this age!

Phoebe Cates – 1963

Beginning her journey as a model, Phoebe Cates stole hearts as an actress too. Her bold scenes in Fast Times at Ridgemont High and Paradise made her a teen icon and her posters soon adorned the walls of many a room. However, she started fading away with time and made her exit from the limelight. She is into a conjugal relationship with Kevin Kline and enjoys a luxurious lifestyle.

Luckily, Cates has her bank account to boast of and we think, she wouldn’t get into money troubles anytime soon. We are glad that her face and physique haven’t lost one bit of their charm. However, we are not sure whether she has natural or had gone under a knife to retain her gorgeous looks.

Molly Ringwald – 1968

Starring in films such as Pretty in Pink and The Breakfast Club, Molly Ringwald became familiar with fame and fortune from a pretty young age. It didn’t take long for her to become a teen superstar, but she had to endure a lot of pressure to persist with her social image. She has always made it a point to stay away from all kinds of distraction and we truly admire that about her.

Molly has penned down two books in which she has shared the detrimental effects of cosmetic as well as plastic surgery. Molly has stayed away from such things in her life and has set an example for people. Her anti-aging techniques have aroused curiosity among many, and we guess her food habits play an integral role.

Naomi Campbell – 1970

Do we need to introduce Naomi Campbell? We guess no. She kick-started her modeling career at the age of 15 and was chosen to be the face of a local company. That was just the start and the ad campaign son catapulted her to the big league. Campbell soon reached the zenith of success and proved her superiority in the world of fashion.

She utilized her money to make certain investments in humanitarian causes. Despite having everything going for her, Naomi had some issues that couldn’t overcome. However, she fixed her mistakes and went on to make a fresh start by concentrating on her fitness. The beauty that sets the ramp on fire still has the same glow that she did when she made a stellar entry into the limelight.

Laura San Giacomo – 1962

The actress impressed us with her portrayal of Kit De Luca in the 1990 film, Pretty Woman where she starred alongside Hollywood stalwarts such as Julia Roberts and Richard Gere. Her list of other portrayals comprises of Nadine Cross from the 1994 movie, The Stand, as well as Maya Gallo in Just Shoot Me!, a sitcom that was aired on NBC between 1997 and 2003.

The 55-year-old actress is nowhere close to retirement. She is pretty active in the business and can be seen as one of the main cast members of NCIS. Aside from that, Giacomo just had a recent release with Honey Boy. She is fit as a fiddle even at this age and her trainer does deserve a lot of credit for keeping her in proper shape.

Lisa Bonet – 1967

Lisa Bonet’s beauty has intoxicated many for years. She has a unique charm that has left us captivated for so long. Bonet has been a combination of beauty with brains and that’s possibly something which has bowled her fans over. She was born into a musical family, but Bonet chose to pursue a career in acting. She started as a child actress with The Bill Cosby Show and the rest is history.

After the show’s conclusion, Bonet starred in several projects that shot her fame and a huge sum in her bank account. Her beauty refuses to fade away, and we guess a strict diet and proper skincare routine has done wonders for the actress. We simply love that glow on her skin.

Ursula Andress — 1936

Ursula Andress, the Swiss actress, and model made an entry into the tinsel town in the year 1945. With her appearances in American, British, and Italian movies, she has a massive fan base from across the world. Despite her successful career, she decided to take a break in the year 2005 and has been away from the glitz and glam since then!

Not a lot of people could have missed the now-famous still from the James Bond movie Dr. No. where Ms. Andress emerges from the Caribbean Sea in a skimpy white bikini. The Swiss actress even appeared in a newer bond movie parody, Casino Royale. Ursula was also in The Southern Star, Perfect Friday, The Fifth Musketeer, Clash of the Titans,, and others. The now-retired Ursula has a long career, almost always portraying the role of the femme fatale. Going by her recent pictures, she doesn’t look 84 and looks like she still has the charm in her!

Lynda Carter – 1951

Lynda Jean Cordova Carter is one person who needs no introduction. Besides being a phenomenal actor, she is also a singer, songwriter, beauty pagent winner, and a model. Debuting in the year 1968, she rose to fame by winning the Miss World USA 1972 title. The same year, she also found a place in the top 15 of the Miss World pageant.

After her triumph, she stepped into the show business and grabbed the spotlight with her stellar performance in Wonder Woman, the female superhero who captured all hearts. Despite gaining so much in her professional life, her personal life was not that bright. She is in her late 60s right now but doesn’t look her age one bit. Carter’s diets have been weaving the magic for her in all probability. The 68-year-old actress still has the charm and flawless looks of her modeling days and continues to an active member of the entertainment space.

Linda Lusardi – 1958

Few women would be proud to cross their 60s and Linda Lusardi is one of them. She is the perfect epitome of grace and charm. The best thing about Lusardi is that she has taken aging within her stride with elan. The former glamour model has been a fairly successful actress, having appeared in The Bill, Brookside, and Hollyoaks.

Aside from some television shows, Linda has also starred in a few films like Consuming Passions, The Zero Imperative, and Snappers. She loves the way things have shaped up after she has reached 60 and confesses that she has no qualms in exhibiting her fabulous physique. We love her confidence and hopefully, she will do everything required to stay healthy.

Heather Locklear – 1961

Heather Deen Locklear rose to fame with her portrayal of Amanda Woodward in the Fox soap opera, Melrose Place in the 90s decade. She also gained popularity for playing the role of Sammy Jo Carrington in the ABC show, Dynasty between 1981 and 1989. Her filmography includes Money Talks, The Perfect Man, and Firestarter. Her successful acting career and fantastic earnings have helped her maintain a safe distance from a bank attorney.

Rumors were rife that Locklear had gone through surgeries to be in the perfect shape and retain her youthful charm. Though we are not sure of the truth, we have to admit that the actress is looking ravishing at the age of 58. If you check out her snaps, you wouldn’t probably find much of a change in her features.

Holly Hunter – 1958

Holly Hunter is an actress and producer who made her debut in the year 1981. Rising to fame with her flawless portrayal of Ada McGrath in The Piano she won the hearts of the audience from across the globe. Besides that, she also won numerous awards for that movie. This includes the Academy Award, Golden Globe Award, Cannes Film Festival Award for Best Actress, and BAFTA Award.

She delivered equally brilliant performances in Broadcast News, The Firm, and Thirteen. Her assemblage of other films includes The Incredibles, Incredibles 2, Raising Arizona, and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Hunter is 62 now, but we are completely taken aback by the way she has managed to retain her youth. Is it plastic surgery or the magic of an anti-aging potion? We are waiting for Hunter to disclose the tricks she applies to stay young forever.


Ann Blyth — 1928

Ann Marie Blyth or Ann Blyth is a former actress and singer who was a prominent name in the movie industry of the 1930s. Despite being famous for musicals, Ann also ventured into exploring versatile roles. She took up dramatic roles and movies too and went on to prove her mettle. The face of the beautiful actress Ann Blyth has graced both the theater stage and the movie screen.

Her most famous movie role was playing Veda Pierce Forrester in the movie Mildred Pierce, with the legendary Hollywood actress Joan Crawford playing her mother as the title role. The actress is already retired from acting and mostly relaxing in her home in Rancho Santa Fe. She has a net worth of $2.5 million and we believe that’s giving this 91-year-old actress the life of comfort she desires. Despite her age, she is active and charming, which gives her fans the hope that she might make a comeback on the big screen sometime soon!

Barbara Mandrell — 1948

Barbara Ann Mandrell is a popular singer, actress, and musician who rose to fame in the 1970s. She was part of numerous hit television series of the 1970s and the 1980s. From the success of her acting and singing career, she has a $45 million dollars net worth! Barbara Mandrell became an American sensation during the era of 70s. Popular for her vocals, she has sung various hits that are still popular.

Her hits include Sleeping Single in a Double Bed and If Loving You Is Wrong, I Don’t Want to Be Right. However, despite the success of her career, she decided to retire in the year 2000. She got her name in the Country Music Hall of Fame back in 2009. Now that she’s 71, she’s not as active as before. While her career has ended, her future will remain more than secure even if she doesn’t work!


Ali MacGraw  — 1939

Elizabeth Alice MacGraw is a successful actress who is popular by the name Ali MacGraw. She shot to fame with her roles in movies like Goodbye, Columbus, and the Love Story, to name a few. Ali MacGraw is one of the most wanted stars from the Golden Age of Hollywood. Not only was she a very vocal animal rights activist from her days, but she was also a top model, actress, and author.

She was able to gain the attention of the media and the audience through her role in the movie Goodbye back in 1969. She even got a Golden Globe Award for being a promising newcomer to the industry! Now at 81, Ali McGraw no longer acts in movies and she lives a quiet life by herself. With a net worth of $6 million dollars, she’s surely comfortable!

Judi Dench – 1934

Dame Judith Olivia Dench CH DBE FRSA or simply Judi Dench is an actress, author, and artist who has fans from across the world. Making her debut in the year 1957 she rose to fame by playing the Ophelia in Hamlet, Juliet in Romeo and Juliet, and Lady Macbeth in Macbeth for the Old Vic Company.

Judy Dench rose to fame a theatre actress and some of her best performances were on Cabaret, As Time Goes By, and A Fine Romance. When it comes to acting on the big screen, she is popular for playing the part of ‘M’ in the James Bond movies like GoldenEye and Spectre. She also gave outstanding performances in films like  Shakespeare in Love,  Chocolat, and Mrs. Brown. As of today, Dench continues to grow her acting portfolio so it might still be a long time before she retires. She currently has two upcoming projects, which is a lot given that she’s 85 years old!

Catherine Deneuve – 1943


Born as Catherine Fabienne Dorléac, she rose to fame with the name Catherine Deneuve. Debuting in the year 1957, she has been a part of the entertainment world for over six decades now. Still-gorgeous actress Catherine Deneuve had often worked with talented directors like Roman Polanski, François Truffaut, and Luis Buñuel. Some of the best performances she had in her whole career were in movies like Belle de Jour,  The Last Metro, and Place Vendôme.

Deneuve did not limit herself to just acting work for she also became an entrepreneur and released her own perfume line. She has also designed jewelry, footwear, glasses, and even greeting cards. Deneuve was last seen in the year 2019 in two new movies called The Truth and Happy Birthday. From her six-decade-long career, she has a net worth of $75 million dollars and currently lives a comfortable life in Paris.

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