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Celebrities Who Found the Fountain of Youth

Barbara Carrera — 1945

Barbara Carrera

Barbara Carrera’s role as an assassin in Never Say Never Again was the turning point in her career. She may be popular for her portrayal of an assassin in that film, but she has essayed many challenging roles in her career, such as Lone World McQuade and Never Say Never Again.

Her stint in the television roles in Dallas, Centennial, Masada, and Queen of the South Seas helped her bond with the audience grow stronger. Today, besides being an artist, Barbara is also playing the role of an ambassador-at-large for Nicaragua.

Barbara was all over the screens in the 80s. She still looks so stunning! She is leading a happy and peaceful life now, with her investments reaping rich dividends. Carrera is now 74 years of age but looks years younger. We can even say that she can give every present-day actress a run for their money!

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