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How do actors get in shape so quickly for a movie

Celebrities are really just like us ordinary folk, right? Well, not really. The guys featured here have no choice but to get and stay in the best shape possible. Plus they have time and the financial backing to spend hours in the gym with some of the best trainers in the world at their beck and call.

So it’s no wonder they’re consistently in incredible shape. But, that said, it doesn’t mean you can’t take a few tips from their workouts and incorporate some of those elements into your own routine.

So whether you are looking to just trim a little fat and tone up the arms or get fully Baywatch shredded – you can learn a trick or two from these ripped A-listers.

Henry Cavill As Superman In Man Of Steel And Justice League

How Actors Got Into Shape For Their Beefy Roles
When you play the role of Superman, you must be in peak physical shape, considering that the superhero has the ability to lift objects of essentially any size.

Cavill in Justice League

Warner Bros.

So, when Henry Cavill is seen shirtless in Justice League, it’s evident that a lot of work went into getting this specific look. He worked with legendary trainer Mark Twight who worked on films such as 300, who had Cavill on a strict regiment of heavy Olympic lifting on a regular basis to get that “super” look.

Just ahead, you’ll barely recognize the actor of Game of Throne’s Jamie Lannister in the film Shot Caller.

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